Traits and Predictions 2009

The evening of December nine, 2008, right here in Santa Fe, NM, Jose’ and Lena Stevens introduced a chat around the prominent trends they foresee for 2009. Because they spoke, I was struck by how vividly their contemplative insights matched the alerts broadcast by the key planetary styles that characterize the coming decades: the recent entry of Pluto in to the indication of Capricorn right up until the yr 2024, and the ongoing, dynamic opposition of Saturn and Uranus for up coming two yrs.

Virtually all Specialist astrologers enjoy The fundamental symbolism of such archetypal planetary movements as well as the profound Loss of life-rebirth, and restructuring processes that they herald for business, finance, federal government, and the overall position quo of private, Cropping Systems family, Neighborhood, national, and world wide systems. The themes Jose’ and Lena Stevens articulated inside their discuss are distinctly mirrored from the sky above.

The themes also are embodied within the figures. Around the system on the evening within the trends chat, I’d a chance to go to briefly with Deirdre Morgan, the gifted numerologist at Santa Fe Soul. Just observing Deirdre spontaneously encouraged me to method a simple numerological equation: The numbers in the yr 2009 increase approximately an eleven – a Master Variety 12 months.

Grasp Quantities (eleven, 22, 33, and so forth.) are In particular vibrant and intensive. Whenever a Learn Range characterizes a timeframe, It can be understood that the final Power designs of that interval demand from customers far more of men and women, even though also symbolizing the probable to provide far more in return. I asked Deirdre about that. “Yes,” she confirmed. The numerological vibration of 2009 is actually a mirror, or equal, of what Jose and Lena grasped contemplatively, and what astrologers regard as The fundamental vibrational signature symbolized from the Saturn-Uranus opposition (2008-2010). As above, so below on our Earth: the opposition alerts forceful encounters with actuality and unavoidable demands; Additionally, it crackles with electric alternatives to go forward, creating new solutions to Stay, to arrange and to manipulate ourselves.

Relaxed and grounded, sober as an alternative to sensational, Jose’ and Lena Stevens shared the phase for about two several hours. Since they spoke about 2009 they specific and synthesized the insights they had gleaned from meditations and ceremonies they undertook every week right before their general public presentation.